4 noviembre, 2010


Última construcción realizada integramente en Ciclos Noviciado; 1972.

Tubería Dedacciai com 12.5

Racores de micro fusión

76º ángulo tubo dirección x 76º ángulo tubo del asiento

54 cm tubo del asiento (4 cm de caida del eje del pedalier )

55,8 cm tubo superior (55 cm con 3 cm de sloping)

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Las fotos, como siempre, son de nuestro querido amigo Gian


The latest frame to roll out from the workshop at Ciclos Noviciado. In contrast with previous frames, we have chosen this time a more ‘standard’ geometry and design to produce a beautiful, classic track frame. Dedacciai com 12.5 tubing and micro-fusion lugs. 76º head and seat tube angles. 54cm seat tube with 4 cm BB shell drop. 55,8cm top tube with a slight 3 cm slopping. More generous clearances at the rear triangle with a design inspired by the classic Keirin frames. The frame does maintain a relative short wheel base to give a fast, responsive handling. It rides like a dream.

We decided to build it using classic components including a set of Campagnolo track hubs, Nitto stem and handlebars and a Sugino 75 crankset. Frame was painted in a metallic tangerine colour reminiscent of the bike used in one of the most celebrated cycling feats of all times, hence the denomination of the frame as ‘1972’.  Hope you enjoy it.

More info can be found here. Pics were taken by our good friend Gian.